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Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Streema?
    Streema is a site to tune into all your favorite radio stations, directly from your browser, with no download required. It's also a place to share these stations with your friends and discover hidden gems within the thousands of radio stations that are currently available on the Internet. And the best part is that it's free!

  • Who are you and why do you do this?
    We're just a bunch of guys that love listening to radio and needed a website that could serve primarily as a simple radio tuner. We also think that radio stations give us a unique way to discover new music. = )

  • How do I listen to a radio station on my temporary Playlist or my Favorites?
    Just click the Playlist or Favorites button on the player and then choose a radio station. This will launch the stream and play it through the hidden embedded player on our page.

  • Why are there some Radio Stations that do not display the song and band name (a.k.a. "Song Info") of the song that is currently playing? Why does the "Song Info" icon appear for a particular radio on the directory when I can't see the actual song information on the player's display?
    As for the first question, the simple answer is that only some radio stations offer this information. The slightly less simple answer is that when they do, it is not always easy to grab and display it. So for now, our selection of radio stations that show the song information is limited, but we're working to expand it to more stations in the near future. As for the second question, it happens sometimes that certain radio stations generally offer this information but occasionally do not send it, which is why you'll find that some stations appear with the "Song Info" icon on the directory when there is no song information displayed on our player.

  • If I leave Streema without registering, what happens to my temporary Playlist?
    It disappears! So don't forget to register in order to save your radio station playlist.

  • How do I request a new radio?
    You may not find all of your favorite stations within our directory of free radio stations; so if there is anything missing, just go to the Radios section and click on the "Request a Radio" button. You will be taken to the Radio Request page, where you can provide us with the Radio Name, Homepage (URL), and other useful information. We'll add that radio as soon as we can!



  • What's the Friends list for?
    Once you add a friend who is also using Streema, you will see how easy it is to tune in and check out what your friend is listening to. If you click on your friend's username, you'll be able to see what your friend has on their Favorites as well as who's on their friend list. You can look for people you know by browsing your friend's own Friends lists or by using the "Add" link on the bottom side of your Friends list. Also, feel free to invite friends who are currently not using Streema via the Invite tab of the Home section.

  • How do I remove/delete a radio station from my Favorite's list?
    To do so, go to the Home tab (you need to be logged in) and you'll see an "Edit" button right next to the "Favorites". Click on the "Edit" button and remove any station by clicking on the "cross" that appears on the left of every station's name. Once you're done removing stations, click on "Done" (which is located where the "Edit" was), and that's it.

  • How private can I keep my Favorites and the radio that I'm currently listening to?
    As private as you would like! Go to My Account and there you will be able to set the privacy level you feel comfortable with.

  • I clicked on someone's username and nothing happens. What's going on?
    Most likely, that user has their privacy level set in a way to keep their 'spot' private.

  • What are Private Messages and how do I use them?
    In order to allow users to recommend radio stations to their friends and send short messages to them, we've created the Private Messages. You can find this in the Home > Messages section of our site. All you need to do is to choose the friend you want to send the message to, pick a radio station if you'd like to recommend one, and write a short message. That's it!

  • This application absolutely ROCKS! How can I help spread the word?
    If you want to invite your friends through our site, there's an Invite tab under the Home section. We're also working on other methods to share Streema with your friends, such as badges and widgets. For now, you can go to our Banners and Logos section. Thank you for telling the world about our site! = )

  • I sent an invite and my friend never received it. What can I do?
    Ask your friend to please check their junk or bulk mail folder. While SPAM filters are a great invention, they're definitely not perfect!!
If you are facing difficulties while trying to listen one of our stations, please read this article: The boring technical issues.

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  • Contact Us

  • If you have any further questions, feedback or just want to say hi, please write to us at
    If you want to reach a radio station, please do not use this form. In order to contact a station directly, please click here for more information. Bear in mind that Streema is a radio directory where you can organize and play all your favorite TV and radio stations. Thanks!
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